How to Build a Simple Yet Effective Roadside Emergency Kit

There is no need to purchase a costly roadside emergency kit when you can easily build one on your own. These are some of the things you should keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

  • Keep a gallon of engine coolant and some quarts of oil in the car in case the fluids in the motor get too low.
  • Always have flashlights and batteries in the car to make night repairs or flag down help.
  • Pack some jumper cables in the car in the event the battery fails. This will allow any driver to be able to jump the battery from their car.
  • Keep a small box with tools in it in case you need to be making any small repairs.
  • A few cans of tire fix-a-flat should help get the tire off of the rim long enough so you can either get back home or to a service center.

This guide to making an emergency roadside safety kit was brought to you by your friends at Mike Raisor Pre-Owned Center.

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