The Differences Between a Compact Temporary and Full-size Spare

A car gets a flat. The car owner utters some choice words, gets out of the car and opens the trunk. They see a small donut in the trunk next to a scissor jack. The driver's heart despairs because they have a compact temporary spare tire but not the money to buy a new tire soon. With a sigh, the driver realizes that the family must use the tire until their next paycheck.

The driver in the above scenario could have avoided this situation if they bought a full-size spare before running over that nail or piece of glass. Most newer cars come with a donut, or compact spare tire, designed for temporary usage. The driver should not go more than 60 miles with the compact tire, and should not drive over 45 miles per hour. Unlike the full-size spare, the compact temporary is designed for limited-time usage. Using the tire in a way other than what is recommended damages it even further.

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