TPMS – A Warning to Take Seriously!

Of all the lights on a car’s dash that should never be ignored, TPMS is probably the biggest one. TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensors) inform you of when your tire pressure is dangerously low or high. Since blow outs are one of the biggest causes of accidents in Lafayette, it’s important to understand reasons TPMS may light up.


When it’s cold, the TPMS indicator may temporarily light up until tires warm up. It may light up on exceptionally warm mornings and stay on – (let about 1.5psi out of the tires in this case). This is because for every 10 degrees colder or warmer the climate is than average, 1.5psi of pressure is lost or gained respectively.

Overloading, Damage and Natural Air Loss

Some damage will gradually leak until the tire’s pressure is compromised enough to blow. Inspect your tires visually for damage. For each month, tires naturally lose about 1psi as well, so check your pressure every couple weeks. Finally, excess loads can over-stress tire-pressure.

To learn more about TPMS and other ways to keep your tires safe, visit us at Mike Raisor Pre-Owned Center, we’re happy to share out automotive expertise with you today.

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