What Type of Bed Liners are Available for Trucks?

Today's pickup trucks are fancier than ever before, with a variety of add-ons available to keep your truck and its contents looking good. Many drivers consider installing a bedliner to keep the back of their truck clean. Here are the different types of truck beds that you may consider using in Lafayette.

Most trucks at Mike Raisor Pre-Owned Center come standard with a drop-in liner. These are made of plastic and molded to fit the inside of the truck bed. They're practical and inexpensive. Bed mats made or rubber are another affordable option. They also provide items from moving around as well as protection to the truck's metal.

Other options are bed rugs made of polypropylene with polyester fiber tops. These rugs can be easily cleaned and are great if you have dogs. The final and most expensive option are spray-on liners, which are good for drivers who work with chemicals.

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