Safety Features for Your Teen's First Car

Your teen's first car can actually be a truck, SUV, van, wagon, or sedan. Experts agree that for any type of vehicle, the larger, medium powered models work best. Safety ratings are an excellent source of vital information on used and new models. For every possible choice, you should check for manufacturer issues and recalls.

Lafayette drivers know the importance of good traction. Steering depends on having a good grip on the road surface. When considering a teen's first car, experts recommend vehicles with electronic stability controls. ESC improves handling and traction under muddy, wet, icy, and slick conditions.

At Mike Raisor Pre-Owned Center, we can offer information on new and used models that have excellent safety, size, and handling features for the teen's first car. We invite you to take a test drive and experience your choices first-hand. Please call or drop by today.



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