Get Your Winter Survival Kit Together Quickly!

We at Mike Raisor Pre-Owned Center suggest setting aside some time to get a survival kit prepared for winter driving. It doesn't take much time to get your essentials placed in your car and then get on the road to work or take that well-deserved road trip. Essential items for a survival kit include those for you and your passengers as well as items for your vehicle.

Food, water, blankets, and a portable cell phone charger are a start to staying well in an emergency. You might also include a change of clothes, boots, gloves and winter hats. Include supplies for each passenger and pets if you travel with them.

Keep your spare tire in good working condition and have a jack that is easy to use when it is cold. You may need tire chains or a tow rope when the roads are slick. Jumper cables or a portable battery charger are also essential for the winter months.



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